Choosing to parent your baby is both challenging and rewarding!

Healthy single parents often become resilient people who help their children learn how to adapt to life’s challenges.

Questions for you to think about:

  • Where can I find the support I need to take care of myself? To help raise my child?
  • How can I adjust my lifestyle to include my child?
  • Am I mature enough to care for my child’s physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs?
  • Am I willing to do without in order for my child to have the things he/she will need?

We offer free pregnancy option counseling that will listen to your story and help you decide what will best fit with your immediate situation and long-term goals.

Deciding to parent

You are not alone...

You do not need to face this by yourself. We are here to answer your questions and support you in the best way possible.

Before You Decide

"She was really friendly and supportive and talked a lot about my options."

- Amnion Client