Perhaps you are uncertain about becoming a parent. Did you know you have quite a few options when it comes to adoption? Adoption has changed greatly in the last few years.

When you create an adoption plan

  • You don’t have to parent before you are ready
  • You can pursue your earlier goals and plans
  • You can live independently
  • Your pregnancy leads to giving life
  • You can choose to hold, name, love your baby….or not
  • You can choose to have continued contact with your child...or not
  • You can choose to consider the well-being of your baby

We offer free pregnancy option counseling that will listen to your story and help you decide what will best fit with your immediate situation and long-term goals.

We do not arrange adoptions or give legal advice on adoption, but we can refer you to licensed agencies which help walk you through the decision-making process without pressure or judgment.

We are here for you throughout your pregnancy, no matter what you decide.

Looking at all your options will help confirm the choice you will make.

You are not alone...

You do not need to face this by yourself. We are here to answer your questions and support you in the best way possible.

Before You Decide

"The staff was friendly and understanding. They made sure I was relaxed and was supported."

- Amnion Client

Teen Adoption