Below is some basic information about the most common abortion methods. We can provide more information regarding abortion options and risks, if requested.

Medication Abortion

(up to 10 weeks after last menstrual period)

RU-486 (also known as Mifeprex, or mifepristone, the abortion pill) is taken followed by another pill, Cytotec (misoprostol). The first pill causes the pregnancy to disengage from the tissue it is attached to in the uterus, causing the death of the embryo. The second pill, given 1-2 days later, causes the uterus to expel the pregnancy.

Possible complications associated with medication abortion include heavy bleeding, infection, fever, diarrhea, nausea and/or vomiting, painful cramping, allergic reaction to the medication, and incomplete abortion (needing a surgical abortion to complete a failed medication abortion).

(SOURCE: If You Are Pregnant, Minnesota Dept of Health, 2009.)

It is also important to be aware of the possibility of an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy and to seek follow up medical care immediately should you experience severe pain, heavier than expected bleeding, lightheadedness/dizziness or should you have other symptoms or concerns.

Surgical Abortion

(up to 14 weeks after last menstrual period)

After the cervix is opened, a tube is placed into the uterus to remove the pregnancy contents using suction. A special instrument called a curette may then be used to remove any other contents.

Possible complications associated with surgical abortion include blood clots in the uterus, perforated uterus, torn cervix, heavy bleeding, pelvic infection, and incomplete abortion.

(SOURCE: If You Are Pregnant, Minnesota Dept of Health, 2009.)

References also sourced in Before You Decide, 2015 (free copies available upon request). For more information on morning-after pills and abortion procedures visit http://www.optionline.org/questions or call to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors.

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