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13775 Nicollet Ave. S.
Burnsville MN 55337
(corner of Nicollet & McAndrews)
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm
After Hours Call: 1-800-395-HELP

Option Line


Tasha age 20

"I was so scared---it had to be a mistake. I didn't want to be pregnant! Not when Derrick and I just broke up. My friend had an abortion last summer; maybe that's what I should do."

Chelsea age 26

"I was driving and saw a sign that said 'Pregnant? Since I thought I might be, I decided to stop in to see if they could help. When I walked in, I was really scared, but the lady at the front desk was really nice. They gave me a free pregnancy test, and when it was positive, they gave me information about all of my options."

Tamara age 19

"I was so glad that I had someone I could talk to, and I didn't have to go through this alone. They helped me deal with my parents, and they even helped me break the news to my ex-boyfriend. Whenever any of my friends think they might be pregnant, I tell them to call Amnion, because I know they'll be respected and get the help they need."

Kayla age 16

"I was freaking out---my period was late. I couldn't talk to my parents, because they didn't even know I was having sex. I never thought I'd ever consider having an abortion, but I was in such a mess. I just couldn't deal with being pregnant."

Jennifer age 23

"I looked in the phonebook and saw the ad for Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center. Since it said that it was confidential and free, I decided to give them a call. Eric came with me to the appointment; we were both really scared and didn't know what to do. The lady I spoke to was really cool, and I liked that she talked to both of us. When my test result was positive, she wasn't judgmental or pushy and just gave us the support we needed to make our choice. She gave us information about abortion that we didn't even know, like the physical and emotional effects of having one. I'm really glad Amnion is there to help other people in this situation. They really helped us!"